Quantum dots (and photonic cavities)

My research performed at the NEST Laboratory is mainly focused on the nanofabrication and spectroscopic study of arrays of quantum dots (QD) in heterostructures with two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) confined in GaAs / AlGaAs quantum wells. Arrays of QDs have been nanofabricated in square configuration or different spatial distributions, varied in order to assess the impact of the […]


2014 A. Gamucci et al., Electron-hole pairing in graphene-GaAs heterostructures arXiv:1401.0902 [cond-mat.mes-hall] D. Spirito, A. Gamucci et al., Evidence for pairing fluctuations in the Coulomb drag resistance of a GaAs/Graphene electron-hole bilayer Bulletin of the American Physical Society (2014) 2013 I. Aliaj, A. Gamucci et al., Evidence of interlayer interaction in magnetoluminescence spectra of electron […]