Laser-plasma interaction

I have carried out experimental scientific research in the field of high-intensity laser-matter interaction. My research was mainly focused on the set-up of sources of energetic electrons driven by ultra-short laser pulses in plasma-based micro-accelerators.
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The main objectives of my activity have been the set-up of experiments concerning the interaction of ultra-short laser pulses and matter, the characterization of the produced plasma and the realization of sources of energetic electrons based on such ultra-intense interaction.

I had a primary role in the characterization of plasma (with innovative ultra-fast optical techniques) and of the electron bunches (whose energy was measured by means of a magnetic spectrometer and with ad-hoc calorimeters constituted by arrays of radiochromic foils, while the pointing and the spatial distribution was monitored with scintillating screen) in several Italian and International experimental campaigns.

By exploiting the bremsstrahlung radiation of the produced electrons in a high-Z material, a source of X radiation can be built up, capable of radio-activating samples of nuclear interest with an unprecedented efficiency. These results have been published on Physical Review Letters and have triggered the attention of the media for the potential benefits on the medical radiation therapy of tumors.